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Commitment to Acting with Integrity in Business Practices


The Anti–Corruption Collective Action Initiative for the Metals Technology Industry

Basel Institute on Governance
Basel Institute on Governance
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Commitment to Acting with Integrity in Business Practices

MTI is a business-to-business initiative that is governed by Member Meetings, which take place three times a year. Decisions are reached by consensus and the meetings are convened by a neutral third party. The Initiative is not a legal entity.

The Collective Action team at the Basel Institute acts as the facilitator and convener of the Initiative. The convener is neutral, has no conflicts of interest and is external to the industry which helps to ensure that no antitrust issues arise during the meetings. The members that participate in the meetings are senior legal and compliance officers who are also well aware of the antitrust issues and this also helps to ensure that the risks are minimized. The Basel Institute also acts as the Secretariat of the Initiative.

The Basel Institute’s team works with companies and other concerned stakeholders to develop, facilitate and moderate anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives in a variety of industry sectors. The Basel Institute also supports research and the development of the academic discourse on anti-corruption Collective Action, as well as hosting the B20 Collective Action hub.

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